Friday, November 16, 2012

Without Power

  • So yesterday my co-teacher mentioned in passing that I wouldn't have any electricity in my classroom today so I was technically given a days notice about the upcoming event.  Nevertheless, I brought my trusty red USB drive in the slight hope that I misinterpreted my co-teacher. Nope. The entire school had no power.  No lights, no heat, no computers, nothing. Except the bells to signal when to go to/leave class.  
  • Luckily, I only have 2 classes on Friday so I didn't have to teach too many classes in the dark.  I wasn't able to do the lesson that I had planned, so I had to come up with some back up ones.  I cranked out the old high school year book for one class and then played a word game (six degrees of separation?) with the more advanced 2nd graders.  The yearbook class was a lil tricky since not all of the students could see it, but the word game class was a pretty big hit.  Unfortunately, that class is already behind due to missed days, etc. so they are now even further behind! Ugh.
  • Also went out to eat for lunch with a few teachers.  We drove like 20 minutes to a restaurant where they had handmade tofu and this amazing noodle soup. It was sooo good.  Definitely the best tofu I've ever had. 
  • It was a free day at the gym today which meant we get to pick our own workout from a few on the board (or make our own with Teen-Seok's (the instructor/owner) guidance).  I always enjoy these days because I like having the choice, but today I was not feeling super energetic for some reason.  Once I got into it, it was better but I was pooped by the end!  
  • And they all keep trying to feed me more too! Lately, there has been a lot of food on the front table and the keep beckoning me to come over. Today there were some tasty-looking baked goods and some permissions(spelling?). I have a bit after the workout, but I can't really eat anything before or else I feel sick.  I think we've had some sort of food every day this week out on that table.  Good thing I'm burning the calories during the workout haha.
  • Tonight, Hui-Chan, my host sister, left for the Philippines to study English for three months.  I am sad to see her go, but it's going to be a really great learning experience for her and she is going to do really well.  She is very smart, one of the top students in her class.  She won't be back until February!  
Tomorrow, I will go to Seoul and I get to see my Fulbright friends!!!  I am super stoked!  I will also get a new computer! Should be great.  The adventures continue...

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  1. Pre-fire drill, fire drill, power outages: it's amazing you get any teaching done at all. I have not tried Korean tofu yet, I will have to give it a try the next time I'm there. Have a great day Ben!

    Uncle Mark