Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little Taste of America

Here are some highlights of the day so far:

  • One of the students brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies to the teacher's office!  It was the first time I have had these types of cookies since I have been in Korea.  It was definitely pretty tasty and I appreciated it!
  • We had this amazing soup for lunch with all sorts of vegetables like mushrooms, bean sprouts, etc. as well as some beef, kimchi, and noodles.  It was a bit spicy but really good!
  • My lessons have gone fairly well today.  The advanced students are waking up because of the game, but I think I lost some of my lower-level ones.  I had them write some laws today as part of the law lesson.  The paper said "It is illegal ____________ because__________" Here are a few:
  • "It is illegal to smoke outside because it smells very bad"
  • "It is illegal to no night study because students should be sleeping." [There were a ton like this]
  • "It is illegal couple because I am solo.
  • "It is illegal to breathe in the toliet because smells are terrible so you can knock down."
  • "It is illegal to make drug because people receive very big pain"
  • "It is illegal internal organs trade because not columny people sacrifice." [what?!]
  • "It is illegal I Love you teacher because _____" [semi-successful attempt at flattery and getting out of the assignment]
The grammar clearly isn't the best, but for the most part they get their main idea across which is what I am shooting for.  These were actually mostly my advanced students who wrote these but a couple were from my general-level.  I just chose the ones from today and only one out of the four classes I taught were general-level.  I'll look around for other interesting ones to post during the week. 

I have to help a teacher make some questions for their exam and then I am heading back to Suncheon for Crossfit.  Also discovered I only have one class tomorrow and I have no classes on Thursday because of the national test.  I'll probably just hang around town on Wednesday, but I want to go somewhere on Thurs.  I might hike with my one ETA friend in Gwangyang but we'll see!

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  1. too funny on the fill in the blanks - especially the last one. Glad to see you are getting concepts through to them - keep up the good work!