Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday 11/7

Wednesday 11/7

  • I only had one class today!  My school is preparing the national college entrance exam which is tomorrow so we did not have afternoon classes.  This is easily one of the most important days in the lives of the 3rd graders(seniors) as it will determine where they go to university, what they can major in, and essentially what kind of job they can get.  Intense!
  • It was a good class.  Did more laws.  When I first walked in there was no monitor at the desk for the computer.  I was pretty worried but the students were struggling to hide their pleasure at the possibility of having a free period.  But then I turned on the TV that is connected to the computer and lo and behold there was the desktop!  I clapped gleefully as I scanned across the class seeing all of the disappointed faces and hearing groans.  It turned out to be just fine though and most of the students were really getting into the game that we played.
  • I went to check out a local sandwich shop that I saw over the weekend during a walk and I picked up a delicious BLT and went to the store to get some sour cream and onion chips.  It was a great lunch!
  • Of course, I went to the gym and I did my crossfit routine.  Today we did kettlebell swings, box jumps, and these awful things called grasshoppers.  I posted a decently fast time so I was pretty happy!  I have the 10k this weekend that one of the gym-goers signed me up for.  I went into it thinking it would be a 5k but discovered yesterday that my name is under the 5k!  The owner of the gym/instructor and I are going to try to get back into the 5k since he doesn't want to the 10k either haha!
  • I think my computer is finally on its way out :(  First the keyboard went out and I had to buy a new keyboard that I plug into the usb port, then my battery has been pretty bad.  It only lasts about 10 minutes off of the charger.  And this week the internal fan has been acting all loud and crazy.  The fan still works because my computer is not getting hot or anything, but it's pretty noisy.  Even if the computer goes out on me, I still have the school computer and I have a smartphone so I can send emails and things but I'm hoping it will last a little!  I don't know if I could get the fan replaced since it's an HP and they are pretty uncommon in Korea.  I'll think about it and see how it goes. 
And that's about it!


  1. Ben, it sounds like it is time for a Samsung. I bet you can get one fairly cheap in Korea.

    Uncle Mark

  2. I can hear you clapping gleefully from here. Poor kids have to work - awwwwhhhh.
    Who would have thought BLT in Korea. Good job sniffing it out. Hope you can get into the 5k. I'm shooting for 5 yards myself!
    I agree with your Uncle Mark that you could probably pick up something over there if you need to. Just make sure it has both English and Korean or English only. Let me know if you need any help with getting one.
    Take care. Dad