Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving in Korea!

  • It was Thanksgiving day!!  Well at least the Fulbright Thanksgiving.  The fantastic Fulbright Office invited all of us ETAs up to Seoul to have an AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner with them and some of the Embassy staff, including U.S. Ambassador Kim and his family. 
  • The food was awesome.  We had turkey!!! Turkey is not really eaten in Korea since they don't live here so it was really special.  We also got to partake in other traditional Thanksgiving fare such as stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, salad, rolls, gravy, real butter, and a ton of other stuff!
  • Our group was also lucky to see some performances.  We saw traditional Korean songs as well as some acts performed by my talented fellow ETAs.  It was great!
  • Afterwards, I hung out with a few pals that I don't usually get to see.  We met up with Luke's girlfriend and her aunt and had a really great time.  It's always refreshing and fun to see my Fulbright buddies!
  • Luke was also fantastic and he helped me get a new computer!  A Samsung that is pretty basic, but it's what I wanted.  It was about $550 so it wasn't too bad!  Definitely worth it since my other one was basically kaputt.
  • Sunday was pretty relaxing. Just wandered around Seoul for a while and then took the bus back.  I bought another copy of Atlas Shrugged to read on the bus.  I actually got through 120 pages or so.  The train ride up made me think of it the whole time so I figured I mind as well get it as it will definitely keep me occupied for a while since it's huge!
Have to plan my lesson for tomorrow!  Thinking about Thanksgiving and holiday traditions.  We have our festival this week so a lot of students will be in and out so it can't be anything too terribly important since a lot of students will be missing it.  It will still be educational though.  We'll see how it goes!


  1. Glad you got some seriously good Thanksgiving food and had great company. Very good to hear.
    Good to hear you got a new computer too before the other one completely died.
    Still reading through your copy of Atlas Shrugged. I'm a little passed half way through. What an insightful and prophetic woman that was. So very applicable to the state of the US. So much so, it should be required reading. Probably a bit advanced for your students huh - ha ha. Still very impressive book that communicates who makes the world run and the total lack of appreciation of them in a way that most people can't express.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Ben!

    I don't suppose they have any trees they would allow you to push down? You can explain to them it is a ancient American tradition. Well, as ancient as you Dad and I anyway. Believe it or not, I also am enjoying Atlas Shrugged. Only I listen to it on CD's while driving to and from Detroit for my trips. I'm currently 75% thru and agree whole heartedly with you Dad's sentiments. Have a great day!

    Uncle Mark