Friday, November 9, 2012

Thursday and Friday

  • No school!  All 3rd grade students had the 수능 test today so I did not have to come into school.  I took advantage of that and slept in very late. 
  • I bought my first ramen in Korea and it was pretty much a complete fail.  I totally messed up the cooking process and it didn't turn out nearly as well as it could have.  It was cheese ramen too!  It's probably the closest I will get to mac n cheese until I return to America.  I know now for next time!
  • Speaking of food, I decided to make dinner tonight since my host mother was monitoring the test all day (it was 9 hours!!) so I made some spaghetti and meatballs with garlic breadsticks and a salad.  All in all, it turned out really well and was probably the best meal I have made so far!  It's a little tricky trying to think of things to make without an oven so I'll have to think a bit for the next meal I do.
  • Crossfit was pretty tough today.  I went to the 7:00ish class since I had to make dinner.  We did some pull-ups, lunges, and lifting.  My arms are the weakest part of my body and that's pretty much all we focused on today!  Hopefully today will be better.
  • I only have 2 classes on Friday so it's pretty nice!  We are going to be talking about jobs and careers in both classes and then play a game I made up called "Tanks" where the teams/tanks get to attack each other and give each other minus points.  They get a huge kick out of that haha! 
  • Later tonight, I am having my first ETA visitor!  I don't get many visitors because I am pretty far out from everyone else (the closest group of ETAs are an hour and twenty minutes away) and my city isn't too terribly large or have any really great attractions so I usually go to everyone else.  I'm excited to be able to get to show someone what Suncheon is about though!  Probably going out to eat and walking around town and meeting the host family.  Should be fun!

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  1. how in the world did you make garlic breadsticks without an oven? sounds like you did a fine job.
    Great job on creating a game called Tanks. Your creativity is coming out - great job Ben.
    Have fun w your ETA visitor. Hopefully followed by many more!