Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Hike and Speaking Tests

  • Honestly, I didn't do anything too exciting this weekend, namely because I just came back from Seoul so I needed to spend time with the host fam and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  We went for a wonderful hike on one of the mountains in Suncheon.  It wasn't all that tall, but it wrapped around a couple times and it was nice to be able to be out in nature.  The path was really great, a bit narrow, but I kinda like that.  There weren't many people out either which also contributed to the peaceful ambiance.  Overall, it was a great hike!
  • Also caught up on sleep and slept in until a rather embarrassing time.  I also went into Gwangyang to go buy a few winter clothes (two pairs of sweatpants and a hoody for about $24.00!).  I ended up buying that Ohio University hoody that I posted on facebook haha.  I'm surprised I saw it here, but I have to represent my state!
Monday - Wednesday
  • All week I have been doing speaking tests with every student.  By the end of the week, I will have had a one on one talk with the 500ish students that I teach.  I had to switch my schedule all around to accomodate every class since we were notified a bit late that I would have to do the speaking test, but it worked out so we are happy.  It's just a bit tiring since now I have double the first graders I normally see.  Yesterday, I had 7 classes in a row!  It's funny how Fulbright has spoiled me a bit since I used to have days like this everyday in student teaching and I forgot how tiring it can be (Hence, the lack of posts).  
  • Of course, I have been faithfully going to my CrossFit classes and the workouts are still intense!  On Monday we had thrusters (where you do a squat with a bar and then stand and thrust it into the air, repeat 20 times) and sit-ups.  Tuesday, we did some lunges (which I am actually good at so they are one of my favorites) and today was a big mix of things.  My pal has had mini lessons about Korean words and culture at the workout board this week and they are pretty amusing.  Today's lesson was about shoe sizes (I couldn't tell him my Korean size because I don't know how and my shoes are too old and faded to see the label) and a mini-map of America to show him how far Ohio is from California beaches.  Except we had to erase and clean the board pretty quickly as there were prospective gym-goers working out and the owner wanted it erased.  Oh well.  I still got to keep my self-portrait up!  It's basically a drawing of me looking like a body-builder.  I'll take a pic of it tomorrow.
Busy, busy, busy!  I have to prep for tomorrow's tests.  Four classes this time. Sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing too exciting has happened so you haven't missed much!

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  1. Glad to hear you had a weekend off to chill - and save some dough of course! - you know me!
    Not sure I could take the narrow path esp on a mountain. If there was a cliff on the other side and no fence, I think I would freak out big time.
    Sounds like you are bargain shopping over there... did you bargain with them? When I went to Hong Kong, they told me that I should haggle even if there is a price on an item in a department store. I learned that sometimes it is worth it and sometimes it isn't worth the time and effort.
    I went to WI this week on business for 2 days. Travelling really drains me so I am pretty much a vegetable tonight as well as last night.
    Miss u lots. Dad