Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fire Drills and Eel Soup

Monday 11-12
  • Today I started new lessons with my 2nd graders.  I am doing a fun lil lesson about different sports and then a game using flyswatters and hitting the correct answer on the board/screeen.  I only did it twice yesterday, but it seemed to work out well both times!  Even students who normally sleep and stay silent were up at the board at least once so that was awesome! I bought the two flyswatters yesterday for 1,000 won which is just under one dollar so it was a pretty good deal!  One already has a crack from students hitting each other, but it's all good.
  • We also had a fire drill today.  Or I later found out that it was actually just a drill for the fire drill which will be tomorrow.  I am still a bit confounded by the whole thing.  Bascially all of the teachers piled out of the building, then the students followed.  The students went back in while the teachers stayed outside and went over a script of what to do and say during the fire drill.  The hose was brought out but not used...I'm guessing they are going to crank it out tomorrow!  Should be quite the experience.
  • I also had to stay late today to help one of the English teachers write questions for her test.  It took a while because the questions have to be in a very specific format that mimics the style of the standardized tests they have to take, but we got it done!  She and the other first grade teachers took me to dinner where I had my first taste of eel soup.  It actually tasted much better than it sounds and I will definitely have it again!

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  1. Eel - oh boy do I ever miss eel. Used to be one of my favs when I went to China.
    Too funny and so creative with the fly swatters. Your Grandpa Louis was a creative engineer guy like me, but you have adapted that creativity to the classroom - very impressive.
    Hope it is warm when they crank up those hoses - ha ha. Dad