Friday, November 16, 2012

More Cancelled Class and Winter Camp Planning

Thursday 11.15

  • First thing I know this morning is that my first class is cancelled!  We have our school festival coming up so I think a lot of preparations are being made for this.  I did have my club class though....but only 2 showed up because everyones busy.  So we just talked a lil and I showed them pics of my hometown on google maps. Actually turned out fairly well!  I've been having a tricky time with this class since they seem to either be bored with my lessons or its too easy or something. I don't know.  I'm going to try and really re-structure some of it next semester.
  • Winter Camp plans are finally coming into place! Thank goodness!  I have a 4 day, 3 night winter camp in early January that a few of my fellow ETAs and I are running and I am realllly excited about it.  It's going to be some of the more advanced students so everyone will be speaking English and we get a lot of freedom with our lessons and clubs.  I'm planning on doing a cooking club to teach the boys how to cook American food haha.
  • The host family and I went out to dinner tonight since Hui-Chan, my host sister, is leaving for the Philippines tomorrow to study English for three months.  I will definitely miss her but it's a great opportunity for her.
  • Going to Seoul on Saturday. I think I am going to officially buy a new computer since this fan is dying fast.  It shouldn't be too pricey and an ETA friend and his Korean friend will help me so that's great.  
  • I also started looking into possibly planning some spur of the moment winter break plans but we'll see :) I don't have a ton of time off since I am doing my internship in Busan so I wasn't really planning on doing a lot of traveling since my pals are mostly traveling in January when I work, but I have been looking at some prices and it's tempting! I have to do a little more research.

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