Monday, November 5, 2012

My Monday

Look at me posting so quickly!  So here are the highlights for my Monday:
  • I had my four usual classes today.  I have three 2nd grade classes and one 1st grade. I taught my lesson about laws to the 2nd grade and the 1st grade learned about careers and jobs.
  • My best class was my first one, which is the advanced 2nd graders.  They are usually pretty dead since it's the very first class of the week and they were dead for the first 20 minutes, but once the game started, they began to slowly come back to life.
  • My least successful class was the third class which is my lowest level of 2nd graders.  A lot of them don't speak any English and my co-teacher translates almost everything.  Also a ton of people were sleeping today and some teachers randomly came in 30 minutes in to fix the speakers and I couldn't teach for about 10 minutes.  It was a pretty frustrating class but hopefully it will be better next week.  Definitely felt like an ETA, Entertaining Teacher from America rather than an English Teaching Assistant.  Oh well.
  • After school, I had my Crossfit class.  It wasn't too bad.  It was lifting (push pressing?) a 20kg bar and doing some burpees (basically pushup and jump squat combo) for 8 minutes.  I ran a mile afterwards and did some sit-ups.  One of my Korean friends was coming up to me before I started my run and felt my stomach and said "Bad. More sit-ups." He proceeded to do this for my chest, arms, and legs.  It seems only my legs met his standards which honestly is no surprise since my legs are completely out of proportion to the rest of my body.  On the plus side, he invited me to go hiking with him in a couple of weekends.
  • I got home and it was a late but tasty dinner.  We had fish, rice, seaweed soup, tofu, beef, cabbage, kimchi, clams, and octopus.  Dinners typically have a huge number of dishes rather than really big but few ones.  I learned clams are apparently the famous food of Suncheon.  I also had some octopus and I tried to remove the head, at least where the eyeballs were from the rest of it but my host father protested.  In the end, I did get the head off, but I wouldn't say it was a complete victory since the ink or whatever black liquid was surrounding the eyes leaked all over the rest of it.  Oops
So those were the highlights from my day!

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  1. Sorry about the out of proportion legs - I am positive that that comes from me.
    Very cool dinner. Makes me long for the far east again and all of those tasty dishes.
    Sounds like they have a large variety in their dishes as well as their students. Sounds like you are getting a very rounded experience where you will be skilled to teach advanced and not so advanced classes.
    Miss you lots. Sent the link to your blog to Grandma and the uncles/aunts. - Dad.