Thursday, April 4, 2013

Konglish and Pre-Jeju Conference

Hey!  It's been a great week.  Super fast!
  • I'm mostly sticking to the cursive and playing catch up from vacation days missed, exams, etc.  I don't know how some classes are behind!  It's nothing really in my control though so not much I can do except catch them up.  I did start a filler type Konglish lesson for a few classes that I have seen every week.  It was a fun little game lesson where they learned different English words and how they related to Korean words.  It was fun.
  • The debate club has been pretty good too.  My co-teacher is a bit worried about how they will do, but I think they can do well!  They wrote some essays in the standard 5 paragraph persuasive style and they were pretty good for their first time.  It's kind of funny because they all have the elements of a good essay but they are all missing certain things.  Like the one is actually a great writer, but his artgument is the weakest while another had nice points but he didn't have the 5 paragraph structure at all.  But I'm having them read and critique each others so hopefully that will help a bit.
  • I'm going to Jeju tomorrow!!  I'm really stoked!  I'm heading out on a plane from Yeosu to go to Jeju for the annual spring Fulbright conference!  Yay!!!!  I've been wanting to go to Jeju basically since I landed in Korea haha.  I will finally be able to go!  It's going to be great to see everyone again too.  I am going to be leading a small workshop where we can critique each others cover letters and resumes and about post-Fulbright jobs and stuff.  Hope it'll be great!
That's the news for this week.  When I get back from conference on Tuesday, I'll be teaching a new lesson that I almost forgot about until just this very second.  And then I'll be going paintballing with some of the Fulbright peeps from Jelloa (my state).  Whoo!

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