Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Garden Expo and Korean Jeans

Hi!  So not too much has been going on that's brand new but here's the basics!
  • I've been starting an Emergency/Illness lesson to go along with my body part lesson at school.  Unfortunately, not all of the classes will able to experience this fanastical lesson (which I mostly stole/adapted from Sara over in Mokpo!) but that's okay.  This week's lesson will be a bunch of reviews and I might try to squeeze in a body image lesson with the one class that is super far ahead.
  • I recently obtained information that the 1st year students will all be going to Jeju on a field trip and I am going to do what I can to sneak on the boat and find myself back on the Island.  I told my co-teacher that I was interested and she talked to one of the 1st year teachers, but he said he wasn't sure if there'd be enough room in the budget because other teachers will want to go to.  However, I met another teacher over the weekend (technically ex-co teacher since she moved to a new school but that's okay!) and she encouraged me to speak directly to the principal himself to try to wiggle my way into the budget.  I think that would probably be the most likely way I will be able to go, especially since the principal likes me.  I'll see what I can do and I'll be sure to keep you all updated!
  • Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the Suncheon Garden Expo, which is this huge 6 month festival that just opened and has a ton of different gardens within it.  We saw the indoor gardens, water gardens, gardens from other countries (including the US which my co-teacher deemed as a "not beautiful" garden....but to America's defense most flowers aren't exactly in full bloom yet!).  It was pretty cool, but the weather wasn't all that great and most of the flowers are in bloom yet so I'll probably head back in May or June when it really starts to get going!
  • Today I had the day off since it was Saturday so I went out on the town a bit.  First I stopped at Lime, one of my fave sandwich shops in Suncheon to grab a BLT.  Then I was going to head back to the apartment, but it is such nice weather so I decided to take the bus to the other part of town instead.  I was going to go get some coffee and do some work on the computer but I got distracted by some ties hanging out the window of a shop.  
  • While I have done quite a bit of updating my wardrobe with pants and a few shirts here and there, I haven't had any luck with Korean ties.  They all tend to have loud patterns or glitter or sparkles, stuff like that and I like simple solid color ties or simple patterns.  I found one tie that met my standards but I didn't really have any shirts that it would go well with so I gave up on Korean ties once more.  However, I saw some reasonably priced jeans that were in my size so I tried them on.  I've had great luck with pants here in Korea, but jeans not so much.  The main reason for this being I have huge legs.  I have been blessed with the enormous Louis family calves and quads that 99% of Koreans seem to lack and therefore the jeans become more like leggings.  It's kind of annoying since the waist fits perfectly and the length is spot on.  It's just my legs are too big for the actual pant part.  Oh well!  I looked at some shirts but they were too expensive so I ended up buying a pair of Korean-style glasses (non-prescription) for 10,000 won.  I think they look good.  I'll probably post a pic on facebook when I get back.
  • And right now, I am sitting in a cafe that I am trying out for the first time and I actually really like.  It's called Mango (I don't know what's with all these fruit named cafes) and I had some great Mango/Strawberry juice.  And it has wifi!  There's a ton of coffee shops but it can be tricky to find some with wifi sometimes.  The drink was great, but a little pricey.  I'll definitely come back and probably try something different next time.
  • Next week I'm going to Jinju for the 10k.  I've ran basically nothing this past few weeks so I am completely unprepared other than doing the usual CrossFit.  Oh well.  I'll wing it haha.  I know I'm not going to win any running awards any day soon so I'm not going to fret about it too much.  
  • Since I've decided to return to the States, I'm still chugging away at job applications.  It's going okay.  I'm mostly hearing non-responses which isn't that good.  But I do have a job interview via Skype on Wednesday for a position at an all-boys boarding school so I'm super stoked about that!  I'm qualified for it and match what they are looking for pretty well so hopefully it will go well!
That's about it so I'll sign off for now.  Plus it's starting to get a little loud in here.  I'm going to try to find a pair of decently priced black shoes since I left mine in Busan.

See you soon America.  Less than 3 months now!

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