Monday, April 15, 2013

Jeju & Survivor Game

Here's a quick summary of the Jeju conference!
  • I flew in from Yeosu and actually ended up getting there a little late (but I only missed the ice breaker bingo activity so that's not too bad).  I couldn't really help it though since it was pretty tough to get flights.  But we stayed at a super hotel.  It was really nice!!  We stayed in a suite-like room too!  It had a living room area with another bedroom and a couple of small balconies.  It was pretty fly! haha.  Anyways, I took a few pics of it on my phone so maybe I'll upload those.
  • We just had a bunch of small workshops with some of the ETAs.  I went to a few good ones.  There was Liam's about lower level classes, but I was the only one there so we just swapped teaching stories and shot the breeze for a bit.  Also went to a renewee panel where some renewees talked about their second year (or third) here.  We also got to hear from the researchers and what they have been up to.  It was super interesting and I wish I could've heard more!  There were some about the whole Chaebol issue, cosmetic surgery, North Korean defectors, obesity, and more.  A great variety which always makes it more interesting.
  • On Sunday, a bunch of us took a tour of the major sites of the Island.  We went to a traditional village, we saw some cliffs, we went to a waterfall, and of course, Sunrise Peak, probably the most famous attraction of Jeju (along with Halla Mt.)  Here's a great pic of it that I stole from Google Images!
    My pictures didn't look nearly this good.
So that was Jeju-do!  Pretty cool.  So back to last week:
  • At school I am trying to get all of the classes on the same page, but it's pretty tricky.  There's one class I literally have only seen twice!  But I started yet another new lesson this week, this time about body parts.  I did an appearance lesson last semester and this is kind of building off of this, but making it more detailed with more body parts (like forehead, elbow, calf, spine, etc.).  Then we do a race type game where they make labels for the body parts and stick them on each other.  It's a lesson I stole from another ETA but it works well!
  • We are still prepping for the debate conference in Gwangju and it's going okay.  Some of the students aren't quite as ready as we had hoped they would be so I don't know how that'll go in June when we have the conference.  I'd be shocked if we won, but I think we can still do fairly well nevertheless.
  • CrossFit has been great of course.  We had a lot of variety this past week with lifting and running and jumping and all sorts of stuff.  On Friday, I did a bunch of pull-ups so my arms were dead all weekend but they feel better now!  A bunch of us are gonig to Jinju, a city about 90 min east to go run a 10k in two weeks.
  • This weekend, a few Fulbrighters and I got together and we played "Survivor Game!" aka Paintball!!  It was super fun!!  Most haven't gone before so we were all amateurs for the most part, but it was still awesome!  There was my team, Team Chocopie and Team DD (Destroy Di, the capt of our team).  It was a nice little woodsy area and it was nice to just hang out and do something different!  I even got a few people!  I normally have horrific aim, but I got closer and was more agressive than normal so I was able to tag some people!  The operator said that games with foreginers always go faster than those with Koreans because I guess they are more trigger happy/agressive haha.  We did have a Korean on our team though (an ex-military one at that!) and he was amazing at shooting the other team.
That's about it!  It's been a good week.  It's hard to believe I only have three months left here!


  1. Hi Ben - I'm doing a very similar thing to you right now (but from England), but you've definitely done more than I have since you arrived. The survivor game sounds pretty cool - Do you have a contact email or phone number for that? I can't find one anywhere on the web. Thanks

  2. Hey Red! One of my friends who speaks Korean pretty well set it up but you could do it if you had a Korean friend or co-teacher help you! Here's a site in English that reviewed the place.

    Here is the website for the place but it's in Korean so I don't know how your language skills are but I'm sure a Korean friend or co-teacher would help you!

    Hope you can do it! It was totally awesome and I highly recommend it!

    - Ben

    1. Thanks, that's amazing - I'll get one of the Korean students to help me out.

      Can't wait to get involved!