Thursday, April 11, 2013

North Korea and The Decision


  • So a few people back in the States have expressed concern about the situation with North Korea.  I want to assure everyone back home that I am indeed safe and I would say 99% of South Koreans are not at all worried about this situation for a few different reasons.  One is that if North Korea actually does launch a missile, everyone already knows so it will easily be shot down by the South, Japan, etc.  Also, if it were to engage in fighting, South Korea is extremely well prepared with more technology, American soldiers, and a ton of Korean soldiers (there's a draft here for men) and it would basically sever any remaining relationships it has with other countries.  And the North actually is fairly dependent upon the South for a good part of it's economy as well.  So essentially no one here is worried about it, but safety precautions are in place (and here at Fulbright we have an emergency warden in the Seoul office).
  • So the Decision (and not LeBron style haha).  So during the Jeju Conference I decided that I will not be renewing my grant.  While I love Korea and I love teaching at the all boys school, I think it's time for me to return to the States and start my social studies teaching career.  When I really thought about it more, the primary reason why I was looking to teach here for another year was simply the job security of knowing I will be teaching another year, but I think I can get a job in the States so that shouldn't be my main reason.
Okay I should tell you all about Jeju, but that'll take too long so I'll do it next time!  I guess all the new Fulbrighters for next year were told if they were accepted or not!  If you're reading it and made it, congratulations! :) Maybe I'll see you at Orientation in July.  I'll probably try to lead a small workshop or something. 

Anyways, hope things are good at the States and please don't concern yourself too much with North Korea!

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  1. Great post, Ben! I think I wanted to renew for many of the same reasons. However, I decided to go home because, let's be honest, the world will always need teachers.