Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brown Eggs and Busan

Here are some highlights from this week!
  • School has been going well.  We started a lesson with some classes on Cursive Part II.  Basically we were writing small sentences and then played a relay-race type game using cursive.  Overall, it was pretty successful, but I'm not sure how it'll work with the shier classes, but we'll see!  It's just hard to keep track of it because there are three lessons going on at once since some classes are behind because of days off and all of this.  But I have miraculously become more organized this semester so that's been a big help!  I have folders now, a lesson chart, all sorts of things.
  • CrossFit has been good.  I think I am doing well with it.  We're using a lot of bars and lifting which definitely isn't my forte, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.
  • Oh something with school that I forgot is debate prep club!  So in June, some of my Fulbright peers and I are going to a conference in Gwangju with our students to have a nice debate/conference!  I'm pretty excited and my students are too, but I think they are a bit concerned since there are going to be some pretty impressive schools there.  I think we can do pretty well, maybe not when but at least do well!
  • On Saturday, I woke up early and I made a trek to Busan!  I made arrangements to meet two of my PNU students for lunch.  I wish I could have seen more, but they are so busy with their semester now!  Anyways, I met Keun Woo and Eun Hee and we had a nice lunch in an outdoor restaurant on a mountain.  It was so cool!  We had a great Korean vegetable pancake (Paejeon), Korean Noodle Soup, and Korean Chicken Soup.  Delicious!
  • I also went to do some shopping at the Seomyeon shopping district.  I pretty much was just at the H&M where I bought a couple shirts, a blazer, and a hoodie.  It was a lot of items but 3 of them were more than 50% off haha :)  After shopping, I grabbed some dinner and headed back to Suncheon.  It was a very short trip, but quite enjoyable!
  • It was my first Easter abroad and my parents sent a lovely PAAS egg dye kit.....but I discovered that there is not a SINGLE white egg in Suncheon!  I went to two of the major Western-style supermarkets and only brown eggs!  Brown eggs everywhere!  I couldn't believe.  There were white eggs in Daegu, but not in Suncheon.  I don't get it.  So we have postponed the egg dying until further notice.
Well that was my week!  Right now I am focusing on working on these crazy foreign taxes, applying for jobs back in the states, and making my new lesson for this week.  It has to be a semi-filler lesson because not all of the classes will get it.  I'm still thinking.  I have until Tuesday so it's all good.  And I'm heading to Jeju Island, Friday for our Fulbright Conference!  Whoo!

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  1. Can I get a whoop whoop for Jeju Island!!!
    Sounds like a full busy schedule as usual. Too bad about all the brown eggs - maybe one of your pals who is teaching at Daegu can use the dye kit.
    Keep up the great work and adventure :)