Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Last Week and Christmas

It's my last week of school for the year!  I'm doing a Christmas lesson since it was Christmas week.  The students aren't super thrilled about having to write during the lesson, especially since their exams are finished and they start their winter break on Friday, but I can't just sit back and watch a movie again!!  We are watching a little bit of a Simpsons Christmas episode with Korean subtitles so that helps make the writing a little bit easier.

And, of course, it was Christmas!!  Yay!  It actually is not a big deal here in Korea.  Schools are closed on Christmas day and a few other businesses here and there (including CrossFit Suncheon) but that was pretty much the only way I would have noticed it.  No santas in all of the stores or Christmas music being blasted on the radio (at least that I know of since I don't listen to the radio often here), just a nice vacation day.  No one really even exchanges gifts from what I have seen.

For my Christmas pow-wow, I headed over to one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people, Mokpo!  Sara, Nina, Liam, Ammy, Tracey, Robyn, Lizzie, and myself all just hung out on Christmas Eve/Day and it was great!  We just rented two motel rooms and got to just enjoy being around friends for Christmas.  It does get a little isolated in Suncheon sometimes with no other Fulbrighters being that close, but the one good thing about that is that when I do get to reunite with them, it makes it that much more meaningful.  I really do treasure the moments when I get to see my fellow ETAs and am able to let the "Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and Cultural Ambassador" side relax a bit.  It was certainly an unconventional Christmas, but a great one!

I only have about 10 days left in Suncheon before I head to the big city, Busan!  Still looking around online for things to get involved with and I found a few things I am interested in, including a coffee making class and possibly boxing lessons haha.  I figured since I'm not going to be able to do CrossFit, I need something active!  I would also really be into a climbing gym, but I haven't had much luck with finding that.  I'll think of something!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and is enjoying their time off!

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  1. Wow - Muhammad Ali II ??? Just don't go wild and get your brains all rattled around. Hope you can find your climbing gym.