Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The cold and an epic battle

  • So I have been doing the Pokemon review game with my classes and its a pretty big hit.  There was one particularly memorable class today.  There were three teams and they were going at it and answering the questions and then "Team Top" got a mystery ball slide.  This offers three options/poke balls to the students and they have to pick one. This team picked a ball that revealed a clip about Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon (at least back when there were 150).  At the end, it told the students to trade points with one team.  Naturally, Team Top switched with the team that had the most points, which was Team Yes so Team Top was now in the lead.
  • About four slides later, Team No (the students came up with these names) encountered another mystery ball.  They picked one of the three balls and lo and behold it was another Mewtwo.  Of course, they stole from Team Top and they held onto their lead for the rest of the game.
  • The final round was finished and Team Top answered a question to unveil a disappointing Jigglypuff, worth a mere one point.  There was still one question left on the board and the students were interested enough in the game to where they wanted to have it so I decided to let it be a free for all and whoever answered correctly first, got to move to the reward slide.  The question was "What sport is this?" and it had some clip art of a volleyball game.  A student on Team Top shouted "Volleyball!"  He was right.  I clicked on the slide and much to my and everyone else's surprise, there were three mystery balls.  There are 26 questions total and 6 mystery ball answers and I thought they were used up, but I was wrong.  Now came the decision.  Could they have a chance to steal their points back from Team No?  They picked the aqua ball.  The screen faded into black.  A pokemon slowly began to appear.  Who was it?  It was Mewtwo.  Team Top let out piercing screams of victory and pounded on their desks in elation.  I glanced over at the now downcast Team No to see stunned faces.  Team Top stole back all of their points for the win.  I couldn't believe.  This narrative account doesn't really do the whole moment justice, but it was pretty fantastic.  It's going to be hard to beat that one.
  • In other news, it is freezing outside.  Thankfully, there isn't snow, but it did snow up north in the middle of the country.  Hoping it doesn't come down here!  The school is freezing!!  I don't understand, but they frequently leave doors and windows open which naturally makes the building freezing.  I don't know if it's because they are afraid that the all male adolescent student population will cause smells of havoc or what, but it is crazy!  I have to bundle up a lot.  I wore my coat, scarf, and leg warmers (courtesy of my host father) to all of my classes today.  It doesn't really snow much in Gwangyang since we are pretty far south, so hopefully it stays that way!


  1. Huge battle - wow. Talk about edge of the seat drama. Sounds like fun.
    It was 60F here today - Ohio doesn't look so bad after all. Must have to thank Al Gore someday... oops - don't speak too soon - supposed to be high of 36 tomorrow. No white stuff in the forecast... yet.