Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recovery and A Trip to Mokpo (and Gwangju)

  • I finally began to feel back to 100% from my weekend illness.  I will definitely remember to stay hydrated and take it easy when I need to.  At school, I "taught" my classes with Elf and then I had three days off!  It's been great to relax a bit!
  • On Tuesday, I felt good enough to go to CrossFit again.  It was pretty tough though with a workout that focused on arms, which is pretty much my weakest point.  There were a ton of people there too!  There have been more and more people trickling in since I have been there.  I think the owner has really been stepping up with his marketing because I see his signs all over town in these advertisements.  It's been paying off that's for sure!
  • I got to sleep in very late again since I had no school.  When I woke up to go shower, I saw my host grandma chatting with two of her pals at the table.  I didn't really want to try to talk them too terribly much since their English is non-existent and my Korean is pretty much not there either.  So I was pretty brief and by the time I wanted to leave, they were all hanging out in her bedroom.
  • When I got out, I went over to Lime, the local sandwich shop.  It was really great!  They have a ton of different sandwiches to choose from and I had a mozzarella, lettuce, and tomato sandwich and a vanilla latte.  It was reallly good.  I just brought my laptop with me and cranked out some work on my winter camp things.  I'll definitely be heading back more often during next semester!
  • Around 2:45, I got on a bus (running to the terminal with about 4 minutes to spare) heading to Mokpo, a city about an1 hour and 20 minutes west of Suncheon and one of the easternmost cities in Korea.  Right on the coast!  There are also 7 of my Fulbright friends there!  I got there around 4:15 and I was able to meet up with Anne and Lizzie in one of the coffee shops.  We were able to catch up a bit and then slowly other Mokpoers came in, Liam, Ammy, and Tracey.  Then we went to get some dinner.  I ended up eating a bunch of dumplings for dinner.  These are usually more an appetizer and the waiter put a plate dumplings on each end of the table.  Nope! Those are both for me haha!  So I had two plates of dumplings in front of me and I was very happy.
  • I had to leave a little earlier than I wanted since I had to go home to Suncheon and the last bus left at 7:40.  I was pushing it a bit with the time, but I thought I could make it.  Several red lights later, I realized I was not making that bus.  Oops.  I was now stuck in a city an hour and twenty minutes away with no bus going back to my city.  Pre-Korea, I probably would have panicked and just worried a lot.  Now, I just thought oh well that's unfortunate.  I wasn't sure what to do for 2 minutes than I thought well I mind as well go to Gwangju (the biggest city in Jelloanam-do, my province) since I think they have a lot of buses going to Suncheon.  So I went to Gwangju and I was right.  They had a bus back to Suncheon in ten minutes. Yay! I actually got back to Suncheon in the same amount of time (maybe a little faster) than if I would have caught the Mokpo bus, since it was the slow bus that stopped at many cities.
  • I slept in. Surprise.  It was nice.  Then I walked up to Lake Park which is a 20 minute walk up the street.  It is a nice lil park, but it's definitely better in the fall.  I had a nice lunch of a chicken sandwich and enjoyed moseying around that part of town since I don't go very often. 
  • I did CrossFit again tonight and it wasn't too bad.  It was toes-to-bar and kettlebell swings.  There was like no one there though!  It was only a class of three today.  But whatever!  I'll see them all soon.  I only have 2 weeks left though :( :(  I'll have to find a gym or something at Busan.  I looked at the Crossfit Busan, but it's like $200.00 a month! Rip off!  So I'll have to look around, maybe ask my students.  
Tomorrow, I am going on the teacher's retreat.  Still not sure what to expect, but hopefully it'll be fun and not too awkward.  I'll be back in Suncheon Saturday!

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  1. Glad to hear you are back to 100%. All that cross fit training probably snapped you back into shape quicker than later.
    Sounds like the students need a mental break and I think you chose a wise time to show a movie. Don't worry about it. It is that Louis work ethic... but there is a time an place for a break.
    Too funny about the dumplings. Typical Ben - Mr. Pasta or when the next best thing (dumplings) are available, go for them.
    Sorry to hear about missing the bus, but it sounds like you worked it out and probably for the better - great job. Not sure I would have been a level headed in that situation. You are getting such great experience not only in teaching and Korea, but very valuable life lessons and how to deal with things as they come along.
    Hope you can find a cross fit gym at a reasonable price too. 200 seems highly steep. If not, maybe a gym to stay fit till you get back. Keep up the fine work Son!