Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Apocalypse and more days off

  • I don't even remember what I did Sunday.  I think I just had a sleeping coma for a chunk of the first part of the day and then I went somewhere to work on my lesson plan for Monday.  Can't remember haha.
  • Yesterday, I had school.  I only was there for the first half though because they were preparing for the incoming 1st graders.  The Korean school year ends in December so we are getting a whole new group of students in March.  They have to take their placement test first though to see what levels they can be placed in so that is what they did Tuesday.  On Monday, they had to get all of the tests ready and move the classrooms around and all of that.
  • I also taught a new lesson (maybe my last of the year?).  I figured everyone does Christmas lessons and it is a great topic, but, surprise, surprise, I wanted to do something different.  So I hear the world is supposed to end on Friday (though I'm not sure about the time difference) so I figured we would do a lesson about the upcoming Apocalypse!  We watched a few videos (Linkin Park's The Catalyst and the trailer for 2012) and then we looked at some old predictions of the world ending that happened starting way back in the 1000's (though there were many before this).  
  • Then the students had to make their own apocalypse.  Some students were not into this at all, especially since they took their final exam last week and they were just tuned out for this week.  Nevertheless, I had them write their own or with a partner and I got some interesting ones.  One student said that he got so good at the soccer video game FIFA 2012 that everyone just committed suicide because no one could beat him.  Another said that there was a giant Chocopie (a Korean Moonpie) that covered the Sun and everyone on Earth was destroyed.  His friend had a similar story except it was a Chocopie cloud that rained chocolate that destroyed everyone's hair (not quite sure how this counted as an apocalypse, but it's creative!).  I'm doing it Thursday and Friday too so should be interesting to see what they come up with!
  • In the afternoon, I worked out more details of the winter camp like the reward systems, certificates of achievement, shopping lists, and all sorts of other things. It's a lot of work and coordinating, but I think it is going to be worth it.  We have almost everything worked out now and I'm really pumped!  I think it's a really high quality camp and the students will learn a lot and have fun too.
  • So I had another day off.  All of these things just keep happening at one time and it has resulted in my not working a ton haha.  I didn't really do that much today though.  I just did some laundry and made some food.  I cooked up some Chicken Scallopini for dinner and it was delicious!  Everyone said they liked it too and I'm pretty sure they did since there wasn't too much left over.  Even the grandma was slurping up the pasta noodles.  And I literally mean slurping.  It isn't really considered rude here so most people just slurp their noodles or soup or whatever.  It's not the most appetizing sound, but it could be worse.  
Tomorrow is the big election!  Korea has its presidential election tomorrow.  It's pretty close from what I can tell.  Everyone around my area likes Moon Jay-In.  He's the more liberal candidate.  From what I have seen the conservative candidate, Park Keun-Hey, has a slight edge over Mr. Moon.  She would be the first female president of Korea if she wins.  Should be interesting!  If you are going to look up information about it, you'll have to check the names because my Romanization is definitely not right.  I can write their names in Korean though!  I can't really type it though since my computer doesn't have Korean installed on the keyboard haha.  I guess I did learn a little bit from all of those office hours at Orientation after all haha.

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