Monday, December 3, 2012

Pokemon and Busan

  • I still had to finish speaking tests, but it is much, much better only having to do a few every class.  Some classes have 38 students so it was basically impossible to get all of them in 50 minutes, but it is not a big deal to have them this week.  After the tests, we got started with our review game.  The Pokemon Bomb Game. It is the most amazing PowerPoint I have ever seen.  It has movie-like animations, voice-overs, the original soundtrack from the game, and it's just really fun.  I am glad that I waited until the end of the semester to do it though, since there is no way I can top this.  The guys went wild though and it was really a nice way to review and have fun after a stressful speaking test and the final exam next week.
  • I began writing my syllabus for the class at Pusan National University that I am going to be teaching over winter break.  I am really excited about it!  I'll be teaching very high level students and they will probably be close to my age so it is a completely different dynamic than Gwangyang High School.  I've advertised that I will have "international guest speakers" aka my Fulbright friends and a few have already graciously volunteered to come by for a class so that will be great!  I want to try and keep it fairly casual, but still productive and creative.  Like I said, I am still in the planning stages so we'll see how it goes!

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