Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Week in Busan

Here's what's been happening my last week in Busan!
  • I've been doing my PNU classes as normal.  On Tuesday, my younger sister was a "guest speaker" via Oovoo/Skype which was pretty neat.  She's adopted from Korea and my students say she looks 100% Korean but acts and sounds 100% American.  They got to ask each other some questions and things and it was pretty cool.  We also got to play a couple of games on Wednesday and then on Thursday, our last class, we went to the American Corners building here in Busan and then got some lunch and coffee.  I was a little bummed that there weren't a whole lot of students in the afternoon class, but we still had a good time with everyone that was there and we eventually reunited with the morning class.
  • I have most of the topics for my upcoming semester in Gwangyang sorted out.  Now it's just a matter of executing those plans and thinking of how to teach the said topics.  I'm excited/nervous to meet my new students!
  • I'm going to be able to see some family in person next month!  I'm pretty stoked about it.  My Uncle Mark is flying to Seoul and we will be able to spend some time together during the weekend.  It'll be great to finally get to see someone from home.
  • I'm back applying to jobs.  I took a small break since there weren't all that many schools hiring yet, but now they are starting to post some jobs so I'm applying for them!  I'm pretty much going all over the country.  I was applying to the more selective independent schools since they were the only ones posting their openings, but almost all of those want candidates with 5+ years of experience which I definitely don't have so now I'm able to broaden my range.  I'm trying to get three done by today but they take so long!!  
  • I went shopping the other day at H&M.  I got some pretty good things at fairly reasonable prices so I'm happy about it.  I got a few t-shirts, a blue button down long sleeve shirt, a pair of grey pants, and a black vest.  I might hit one more store up today for I leave Busan tomorrow.  I'm heading back to Suncheon tomorrow night.  And I haven't packed basically anything.  I'm reallly not looking forward to packing.  I remember barely getting my things all to fit in my bag in the first place and now I have some extra clothes and a comforter I had to buy so I just don't see how it's going to happen.  I might have to actually buy a new bag which wouldn't really be tragic since the one I have is broken anyways.  But still!  It's going to be painful.
I guess that's about it!  So yeah, Busan has been great.  I didn't exactly get to travel to a bunch of exotic beaches, ride elephants, or get to go back home and pig out on Chipolte, but it really has been an awesome winter break.  I've learned so much about Korean culture from my students, I met some wonderful friends that I will be visiting throughout the rest of my time in the country, and I got to live on my own and call a new city home.  All that being said, it's hard to complain.  But alas, I must return to my original purpose of being in Korea and teach those crazy high school boys.  I can't wait to see them!

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  1. Parting with an old bag is painful, but so is parting with the dough it will take to buy a new one. Which is more painful for Ben? Ha ha! If he is anything like me, his frugle father, then the second is more painful - ha ha!