Saturday, March 23, 2013

My first full week of the semester

Hello!  As you can tell from the title, I had finally had my first full week of school! Yay!
  • So this week we have three lessons all going on at once so it's a little complicated but I made a nice lil chart to organize all of my lessons so I know exactly what class needs what lesson.  And I got to meet all of my classes so that's good. Up to this point, there were like 5 or so classes I still didn't see at all, but now I've seen all of them at least once so that's good!
  • This semester is going much smoother in general.  I guess it's because I'm used to how things are going now at the school and they are used to me!  I'm definitely liking how things are going though.  I've have raised my expectations overall for the students and they seem to be meeting most if not all of them.  I think I wasn't really sure what to expect or do the first semester and I didn't get enough out of them.  That's changed this time around!
  • The new lesson this week is a two-week lesson on cursive writing.  When I was in Busan at the university, some students said they couldn't read and I don't think any of them could write in cursive.  This was a bit of a problem because some of their foreign profs wrote in cursive so I figured I'd show the Gwangyang guys what it's all about!  So far, most of them are much more interested than I thought they would be.  We were only able to blast through all the letters on the first lesson.  I know with cursive, repetition is key, but we don't really have time to do a lot of repetition, so I just have to show them the basics.  Next week, we are going to do more of the writing and practice actually connecting the letters together which is something some of them had a hard time doing.  But I'm glad I'm doing this lesson!  It's something different and all levels of students are able to do it, even if they can't really speak English because it is simply copying what I do on the board.
  • I'm going to start up a club type class again.  This time it is to prepare for a conference/debate in Gwangju with a few other Fulbright schools.  I'm a little nervous, because some of the other schools are very advanced, but we're just going to go in and be confident and do what we can.  We're having our first meeting this week!
  • I'll also be starting an English class for non-English teachers.  It'll be on Monday mornings when I have a nice free block.  Last I heard, only two signed up, but hopefully that number will increase!  It has to be in the middle of the school day so it's a little tricky with the timing.  We'll see how it goes!
  • What else...oh my Uncle flew into Seoul last week and I got to see him.  It was really great to be able to hang out with him and catch up with the family.  He also brought along a nice care package from my family that had all sorts of goodies for me and my host fam.  It was great!!
  • This weekend I'm staying in Suncheon.  I'll go to the Maewha (apricot blossom) festival tomorrow in Gwangyang when some of my Fulbright buddies will be in town.  That should be good!
  • CrossFit has been good, but hard.  I'm doing more of the Rx'd(aka hardest level) workouts.  It's cool to be able to do them now, but I get too tired to do the extra Challenge workouts that he has for us.   Or if I do them, then it's reallly slow.  I made a new buddy at CrossFit!   He's an elementary school teacher in the countryside so he speaks English pretty well!  It's fun to hear about the elementary school side of things since I'm in the high school all the time.
That's about it for this week.  I don't think I really have any other news to report.  So yeah things are good as usual!

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  1. I don't know that I could teach cursive anymore since it has been a long time since I have actually wrote in cursive. With the computer anymore, it seems like most everything is printed. Glad to hear you can still write in cursive.
    Good to hear that you are climbing to the top of the cross fit fitness ladder. Pretty soon we'll be seeing you in those international cross fit competitions :) Keep up the great work! -Dad