Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Normal Week

Here's what's been happening this week!
  • We had some good classes at PNU this week.  We did all sorts of stuff.  On Monday we had an interesting discussion about capital punishment, Tuesday we had a discussion for the first half and played battleships the second half, Wednesday we did Speed Quiz/Price is Right/Scrabble, Thursday we had an awesome cooking class! (we made Chicken Scallopini), and Friday my friend Elaine came in as a guest speaker!  It was a great week.  Only 4 more classes though!
  • I also went to Asia's largest department store on Thursday to meet Elaine and get some dinner.  It was pretty cool.  I didn't really do any shopping but maybe I'll go back before I leave Busan later this week.
  • CrossFit has been good.  Hard as usual, but I enjoy it!  I think I'm going to get lunch with the instructors and some of our classmates sometime next week before I head out to Suncheon.
  • I haven't started practically any lesson plans for next semester.  Ugh.  I have a few ideas including exchanging and actually responding to letters from Soon's all girls high school and doing a unit including shopping, big numbers, food, fashion, and other things that fit in that category.  I really want to try to get more unit based lessons that build off each other.  I was able to a bit last semester, but it was hard with random classes cancelled and things like that so sometimes it seemed a bit jumbled.  
  • Ryan is here for the weekend.  I think he's still zonked out right now even though it's like 1 in the afternoon haha.  Whatever.  He didn't seem too pleased with my goshiwon, especially the bathroom and shower facilities haha.  It's definitely not luxury, but it works!  I think I have to move out this Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully I can stay through Friday night, but I guess I could always just stay in a hostel for one night if I need to.
Well I think that's about it.  I haven't really done anything too terribly exciting.  I have no idea what Ryan has planned for today, if anything.  Might go to the sauna since he seems to not want to use our lovely showers here.  We're having dinner later on with a few of our buddies that are here in the city already so that'll be good.  So overall things are good!

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  1. Thanks for the update Ben! I saw the chicken scallopini on facebook and it looked like restaurant quality - nice presentation. Keep up the great work!