Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Semester Week II

Hey what's up?  Sorry there hasn't been a whole lot of updating lately.  Just trying to get back in the groove of things I guess!  Here's some things that have been happening!

  • School has been great!  I'm on this strange honeymoon period with the first year students.  They are doing everything I ask them to and no one is sleeping.  It's bizarre but I like it!  Most of the second years have really stepped it up to (I think largely due to getting rid of a co-teacher who really didn't teach at all/slept through my class).  A few of them have been dozing off but I just wake them up as usual.  I'll just grab their shoulder or lift their desk or if they are super sleepy then I'll have them stand.
  • This week we started my second lesson (even though quite a few still haven't seen my first lesson...just the way the schedule worked out!) and it's about small talk and creating better conversation than just than just the infamous "How are you?" and "I'mfinethankyouandyou?"  So far it seems to be going very well and the students are participating well.  And I haven't played a game at all yet this semester!  I'll probably do one next week though haha.  I think I'm going to try to tackle a 2 week Cursive 101 lesson since almost none of them know it.  They can read it for the most part, but I've only seen one student write it so far and that's because he learned it in a hagwon (English tutoring).  My PNU students said that some foreign professors use it at university so it actually would be helpful.
  • Homestay has been good.  Nothing too exciting.  The kids are going to even more tutoring and hagwons than last semester.  They are so busy even though they are still in elementary school!  We haven't had any trips or anything yet.  It's probably going to be a bit more low-key this semester since everyone is busier.  My host mother moved to a new school that is a lot closer (15 minute walk!) so she is here more often but she is teaching 22 hours a week which is a pretty good amount so she is super busy as usual.  I made some fettuccine alfredo on Tuesday because I had the day off for the school's birthday and I think she was happy she didn't have to cook. But yeah, it's going good.
  • Yes, I had a day off on Tuesday and I had a day off Wednesday since the students were taking an English test so I didn't go to school for two days in a row!  I didn't really do all that much though.  Just planned this lesson that I am doing now and applied for jobs, stuff like that.  And sleep in and watch TV on the computer of course haha.
  • I'm back at CrossFit.  It's been good.  There's definitely a lot more people who have joined the gym since the fall.  There's waaaay too many during the 8:00 class so I strive to steer clear of that one.  I prefer my 5 or 6 that go to the 6:00 class.  It's been tough, but in a totally different way than CrossFit Busan.  Here we are using more weights and bars and stuff for a shorter amount of time where in Busan we never used bars and we did intense workouts for a longer amount of time and we did crazy warm-ups that we don't do here.  My upper body is still pretty weak so I'm not exactly blossoming at Suncheon, but I'm pleased with how it's going so far.
  • This weekend, I'm going to Seoul!  Super pumped about it.  I'm going to meet my Uncle Mark up there who is flying in (he's a pilot) and we'll have dinner and stuff.  It'll be great to see him!  I'll also meet up with my friend./PNU student Su and I think we're gonig to check out this foreigner flea market thing that is happening on Sunday after my uncle heads back home.  Should be an awesome weekend!
That's about it.  So that's what going on here!  Thanks for reading I guess haha.

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  1. Have fun in Seoul! Tell Uncle Mark we said hi even though I talked to him just this week :)