Monday, July 1, 2013

Last Two Weeks



So I guess I will actually update for real this time.  The main reason being that the internet at my school is down so I can’t really do my work and I’m not just going to sit at my desk doing nothing sooooo here I am being slightly productive haha. 


So I only have like 13 days left in Korea.  Nuts!  Here’s a few things I have been up to lately:


l  I went to Seoul this past weekend.  We had our final Fulbright dinner.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to everyone, but we all knew this day would come and it was great to see everyone.  I’m sure I’ll stumble into some of the ones when I go to America.  I don’t really know where I will end up being when I return to the States, but we are literally scattered all over the country from Hawaii to Maine so we’re bound to stumble into each other sometime!

l  Anyways, the dinner was pretty good.  Some ETAs complained about the food, but hey it was free and it was fairly tasty.  Yeah it wasn’t as good as past dinners, but I left feeling full and happy.  We had like a ton of speeches and presentations to sit through before we ate though and that was a little rough since the only thing I at prior to dinner was some ddeokboki.  Maybe I was just so hungry I didn’t notice about the food haha.

l  After dinner, I set off and hung out with some of the other ETAs.  We went to this bar/restaurant place (where we accidentally found some 3rd year ETAs which was cool).  There were like 7-8 of us and then we split up to do Norebang/Karaoke which is always very fun.  All of the people in this group are very, very good at Korean so they were all singing all these K-pop songs.  I was pretty impressed.  I did a few numbers, but they were English songs haha.

l  On Sunday, I slept in with my fellow Fulbrighters in our hostel and we eventually rose from our slumbers and headed out to meet some others for lunch.  We had Mexican!  It was actually the first time I had Mexican in about 1 year.  It’s like the number 1 food a lot of people miss, but I haven’t really.  I mean it’s good, but there’s a ton of other foods I would rather have.  But it was pretty tasty.  Got a pork burrito.  After lunch, I said my final goodbyes to some of my ETAs and I headed out back to Suncheon.


So that was last weekend.  I have a few other plans for the rest of my time here.  This week is exams so we don’t have a lot to do.  Most teachers are just letting students do self-study, but I’m not really all about that since all the other teachers do it.  So we are going to play speed quiz instead!  Yay!  And the native Chinese teacher is coming to class.  She only teaches like 4 hours a week, but she must be there 9-5 every day.  So she’s super bored.  I just learned this Friday so I invited her to come to my classes and she said she’d love to!  She’s really good at English so she’ll understand everything easily.  Should be fun!


Since it’s finals, I do not have class Wed-Fri.  Therefore, I am going to my favorite city, Busan, one last time on Thursday and Friday.  I’m really excited!  I’m going to try to meet up with all of my friends one more time there and then go do some last minute shopping too. 


Okay, internet is back.  I have to finish doing all of the speaking test scores.  I’ll update at least another time before I head back to America.  See you soon!

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  1. Well Ben, I have been keeping up with your blogs throughout the year and have to say once again how impressed I am with your maturity and courage. It takes a strong independent person to achieve what you have done this past year. Immersing yourself in a completely foreign culture for an entire year is pretty impressive. We look forward to seeing you when return. Love, Uncle Mark

    P.S. 우리는 당신이 자랑