Thursday, July 11, 2013

A few goodbyes from students

So this week we are doing last lessons as I will return to America on Sunday.  So we are playing "Benjamin Trivia" which is bascially a rather narcissistic version of Jeopardy but it's fun.  After about 30 minutes of that, we spend 20 minutes writing goodbye post-its to me.  I thought I'd share some of the more memorable ones.  The only thing changed is names which are just initials and I put which class they were a student in at the end.

"Hi I am SH. When I met first met you I feel frustrated. because I don't know what to say but now I'm okay." 1-3A

"Benjamin teacher!  Thanks for teaching us.  I never forget all the time.  Whenever I hard, I think your favor.  I hope you are always happy!  Goodbye teacher~" 1-3A

"Good bye benjamin ㅠㅠ I miss you so much~ I like you. you are so beautiful and so handsome!" 2-1

"good luck benJamin while your life. I will remember you, Although I don't speak very well I Feel your Passion. I hope your dream come true - Gwang Yang High School 2-1 SJJ" 2-1

"Hi 벤자민 ! [Korean for Benjamin] I don't speek English! Ha Ha Ha Ha bye bye um...maybe. I miss you from JH" 1-3B

"Hi Mr. benjamin maybe you can't remember me but I will see you later in busan. goodbye" 1-3B

"I will remember you when I sad or bore your class was enteres to and excited to me I remember you benJamin.  One bad student GSS" 2-2

"Benjamin is very funny  Fasion is great  I'll miss you teacher!  America going happy I hope you  Good Bay" 2-2

"I want to leave in korea. I want to go America. Korea is bad contury  Made in U.S.A. gift send me signature "Jony dep." please.  Good bye  You are a good teacher.  From -THK- 'Dokdo is Korea'" 1-5B

"Thank you for Benjamin  push up 200 try [In the game we played I said I can do 100 pushups] I hope happy to Benjamin Dear JH" 1-5B

"Benjamin teacher~ First, I'm so sorry about our impolite manner. I think you are little bit hard in our school day.  But I hope You are little bit happy in our school day and our country too.  Umm....Thank you for teaching me about cursive and bravery.  You are very good, stylish and handsome, kind teacher.  See you later GIS the future Korean teacher and poet" 2-3

"Hi Benjamin  I'm your best student.  I will miss you.  You will have been returned to Gwangyang.  I will buy Ice Cream.  I Benjamin. LJH" 2-3

"Good Bye! Your class is my break time!  You will be best in your life! Bye" 2-4

"Thank you~~! I've never miss you.  Class is very funny.  air plane go America. Be care full. You don't me miss.  Bye...  GwangYang High School -SJL  [Back] BenJamin From....  in Korea 2013.7.10 whether: sunny" 2-4

"to Benzamin  Hi. Benzamin teacher.  'I'll pray for your Good Luck' see you later." 1-8C

"We have a good time with you We never forget you  time is so fast but you must go  I miss you teacher  Don't miss our school" 1-8C

"My name is LIJ.  English camp is cooking  very delicious  Good Bye" 2-5

"To BenJamin  If you like play League of legend, you must be play the game when you reach in America.  I'll creat N.A. account tomorro So when you reach in america send a message to my naver mail" 2-5

"Thank you for your teaching.  I was happy iwth you.  your yellow hair is charming.  I love you.  I will miss you.  Goodbye.  See you later." 1-7A

to. Benjamin  When you start LOL [League of Legends], add me '_____'  I'm good at Draven!  and, I always though that your fashion is so handsome!  from HJ" 1-1A

hey ben teacher. Dear.  I love you  please marry with me ♥ ~ Don't forget us." 1-1B

"bye teacher  teacher your good boy  See you next time.  I'm real teacher love   teacher bye bye bye ㅜㅜ" 1-6C

"Sorry to sleep  I did not sleep last night.  Thank you for teaching us.  We will miss you.  you was great teacher." 2-6

Anyways, you probably get the idea!  It was pretty cool to see.  I'll def miss them all.

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  1. Even though the English is broken, the feelings come through loud and strong. You have admirably made a deep impression on them all. I am very proud of you, my son, 벤자민 !!!
    We are very excited to see you soon. Thank for sharing the precious feedback from your students with us! Dad