Saturday, July 27, 2013

Home Again

I am back in America.  Honestly, I have missed it quite a bit, but I never really had too much homesickness while I was in Korea since I always knew this was a temporary stint and that I would return.  And I have. 

I am still adjusting to life back in Ohio.  It's strange to do the normal every day tasks and think, wow I haven't done this in over one year.  Just the simple things like eating real pizza (sorry Korea, but American pizza is like 1000x better), texting from my American non-smart phone, turning on the TV and understanding everything, or even driving my beloved manual '95 Civic.  It's a little strange sometimes, but I'm enjoying it. 

It's good to see all of my American friends again and there are many I have yet to see.  I haven't really started to miss Korea yet since I'm still adjusting, but I can guarentee that the thing I will miss the most are the people and friends I have made while I was over there, particularly my friends from CrossFit and Pusan National University.  But luckily we have facebook, kakao (when I get my smart phone!), and all sorts of other lovely technology.  Still, it is going to be a very long time before I can return to Korea and even when I do, I know it won't be quite the same, especially at the rate this country is developing at.

A lot of people are asking if I am happy that I went.  I tell them yes.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime and I am so glad I was able to take advantage of it.  I've never really been one to follow the crowd or do things in the traditional manner that most others do so really it seemed almost natural that I would do something like this.  I've always wanted to go abroad and I was able to for a very short time prior to this, but nothing like my year in Korea.  I stayed in that country for exactly one year and nine days straight, never leaving it and I have no regrets about it.

I suppose this is the end of the blog then since my Fulbright adventure has been officially wrapped up (after I finally send in the IIE report that I started a while ago and need to submit by the end of the month).

On to the next adventure.

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