Monday, May 6, 2013

Sick (again!!!) and Dollars

  • It was a good week last week.  I went back to Mokpo for like the fourth or fifth time last Wednesday due to having no school because students were taking exams.  It was great to see the Mokpo Mafia (minus Liam and Sarah) and we had some coffee and dinner and all that.
  • Then I got sick yet again!  So annoying!!  I get sick maybe once a year or even like once every 18 months, but this is like the THIRD time I have been sick in the past nine months!!!!  Ugh!!  I fully blame the fact that 1.) I am constantly sharing food with people around me and 2.) my twin 4th grade host brothers basically never wash their hands and cough everywhere!  Example: Young Chan was making kimbap and coughed right in front of him and right next to the kimbap that he was making.  I was like "Young Chan!  You can't cough like that!" and I proceeded to demonstrate a good coughing technique into my arm.  He repeat that but then he coughs into his hands and starts handling the kimbap like normal.  Lesson fail.
  • On Thursday, I made an attempt to actually hang out with foreigners for once and I posted on the facebook group to see if any Suncheon foreigners wanted to grab some lunch at a new brunch place, buttt the only person to respond was a Korean haha.  But that was cool so we had some lunch and it was good.  He's an optometrist/professor at the local health college and lives in the hotspot foreigner area.
  • But I successfully hung out with foreigners on Friday night!  We went out in the area I actually live in so it was cool that it was close.  We got some makeoli and I got to meet a few of them and learn about where they teach and all that so it was nice.  Then I split early to have a fantastic skype session with the one and only Gus!  It was good to catch up with him.
  • School is great!  This week we are starting a large numbers/money lesson so it went okay today.  I brought in some American money and the first class I taught, the $1.00 bill went missing -__-  But that's why I didn't pass out the $50 or $100 haha.  
  • I've been doing my non-English teacher class and we talked about how being a teacher in America is different from Korea so it was pretty interesting since there are a lot of differences.
That's about it!  Sports day is coming up which will be super fun I think.  I wanted to go to Busan, but couldn't since I was sick.  Maybe Sunday?  I have teachers sports day on Sat so don't know if I'll have time for that.

See you in nine weeks!

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  1. Bummer being sick again. Maybe the germs on that side of the world are new to you and you are new to them, so they want to say "Hi" - ha ha... just like saying "Hi" to Ren. ...or it is probably the little home stay brother coughing into the food - yuk.
    Glad to hear you are getting breaks now and then to break things up. Thanks for posting!!!