Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parent's Day and Birthday Secrets

I had an extra minute so I figured I'd just write a short post :)

  • The money/big numbers lesson is going pretty well!  I'm glad that I thought to bring my money from the States because they get really into it, especially the 50 and 100 since they haven't really seen those before.  And with the 100, they don't have a bill in Korea that's equivalent or greater in value so they are really impressed with that one haha.  I think that and my high school yearbook have been the most helpful things that I have brought with me from America.
  • I haven't been able to do as much crossfit this week since I've been under the weather.  But last night, I braved it and went and it was great!  I didn't go crazy with the intensity level, but it was still good.
  • Speaking of CrossFit, I really want to go back to Busan to visit my CrossFit Busan friends!  They have this group on facebook that I'm part of and they post pics all the time and it looks like there are a TON of people there now!  The business has been super successful so that's great, especially since businesses in Korea have a really high turnover rate.  I still talk to the two instructors from time to time so it's good to keep in touch.
  • Yesterday was Parent's Day in Korea so I got my parents + 할모니(spelling?) some cupcakes which they were pretty grateful for so it's good to get some bonus points there.  I got a pastry from the bakery to share with the children and myself.  I also scored a free pastry from the bakery since the owners and bakers are super friendly and I'm a pretty frequent customer haha. 
  • Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm trying to keep it secret at school so no one goes crazy or anything.  So far it's working!  The homestay figured it out, but I'm safe at school for now!  I just don't like a lot of attention, though it's pretty hard to do when I with my blue eyes, blonde hair, and fluorescent white skin am teaching in a school full of Koreans, but whatever haha.

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