Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am totally failing at keeping up with this blog.  I don't know how!  It's not like I am insanely busy.  I am busy but it's not to the point where I am unable to blog.  Oh well.  I guess I'll just have to write a ton of things!

Okay I think last time I left you, I was getting ready to head to Seoul and go bungee-jumping and rafting.  Well, I did and it was totally awesome!!  It was a long bus ride to Seoul (3.5 hours) and I took the overnight bus that left at 12:30.  So I didn't get a whole lot of sleep but the adrenaline was pumping throughout the day so it helped keep me awake.  I got to the bus terminal and I have to admit that I was super nervous about finding my friends that I was going with.  I'm not really the best with directions and I was by myself, but I eventually found them and I wasn't even late.  It was worth the trip up alone just to see everyone.  Suncheon and Gwangyang are great, but I have to admit that it gets lonely at times since I don't have any of my ETA friends nearby.  The closest is an hour away so whenever I see them, it is pretty special.

We all piled on the bus and headed over to the river where we were going to raft.  It was crazy beautiful.  I was treated to views like this the entire trip:

 That photo is courtesy of Jason G. who had enough sense/was mad enough to bring a camera on the raft.  The water was actually pretty calm.  Some rapids here and there, but nothing out of control.  The only thing out of control was temperature of the water!  Goodness gracious it was cold!  I have to admit I basically screamed every time the water touched me.  Yes, I admit it was slightly dramatic, but it was pretty cold haha.  It was actually the last week for rafting season so we were lucky to get in on time (Thanks Korena B!!!!!)

We also did some mini rock diving too.  That was fun, but again, I shrieked obnoxiously the entire time due to the temperature of the water.  The rafting last about 1.5 hours and was totally amazing.  I will definitely go again in the late spring/summer next year if the opportunity presents itself.

Then we had a nice lil lunch and then came the big event.  Bungee jumping.  Yes, the main purpose of the trip was rafting, but I've done it once before and bungee jumping is something I have never ever done and was soooo stoked for!  I promised myself that I would have adventures and try new things in Korea and this was right up my alley.  About 19 out of the 30ish people were brave/stupid enough to do it.  We jumped off a bridge that is about 170 feet tall (17 stories I think?).  Not to sound cocky, but I wasn't really nervous....until it was finally my turn.  I maintained my cool, can-do composed demeanor, I will admit, that I was a little bit nervous.  Not a whole lot, but a little.  I think one of the main reasons for this is because of my previous job at camp where I constantly worked with heights with the high ropes course, rock wall, etc. and I know how much everything is checked all the time.  So yeah I jumped, and it was amazing.  The first five seconds or so is completely unnerving since it is so unnatural just to be jumping for that long and not hit anything but then I was quickly launched back into the air when the cord reached it's limit.  That was also pretty unnerving since I have never been launched upwards like that.  My harness was attached to my feet.  For some reason, I was the only ETA to do this, but whatever.  It was sick!  Here are some pics that my pal, Andrew C. took.  He is a crazy good photographer!  Check out these insane pics:

So yeah that was my bungee jumping adventure.

Then I've been at school, of course, teaching.  Doing what I came here to do.  It is great too.  I really love it.  My students are pretty low-level and don't speak much English (except for a few classes that continually surprise me by their skills).  My lessons since the last post included a love letter lesson (where they write and send love letters to an all-girls high school my friends are teaching at), a speed-quiz review lesson, and a music genre lesson (before their stressful mid-term exam...I wanted to give them something more cultural and fun this time).  The teachers are all pretty great and the new principal really seems to be on his game.  He is going through the school a lot to check up on the classes and see what the teachers are doing.  I think that shows good leadership to simply see what is going on firsthand and making sure that everything that is supposed to be happening is.  Overall, it's been great and I am genuinely happy to come into work everyday.

And then there was Chuseok, Korean thanksgiving.  I think I will save that for tomorrow though because this has been a super long post.  I WILL WRITE IT TOMORROW!! I only have 2 classes on Friday so no excuses.

Hope things are good at home!  Miss you all.

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